What’s the youngest person you’ve dated as an adult?Originally Answered: What’s the youngest person you’ve dated as an adult?

At 60 a 20 year old beauty came to my door to ask if she could rent my cottage, I said it was already rented. She said she had a local part time job and her boyfriend had beat her up and tossed her out. She asked if I had a bedroom she could rent. We agreed on $100/month for food until she could afford to move on.

On the fourth night she came to my bedroom in a sexy teddy and said she was scared to sleep alone at the other end of the house and wanted to sleep with me.. Hmmmm ok

She stayed more than a year, pitiful cook, sloppy cleaner and left candy wrappers behind the couch’s and bed but loved to mow the lawn and didn’t ask for much, just an occasional $1 to buy a can of Coke.

During the summer she helped transform an old sailboat into a River cruiser and in the fall we headed to Alabama to live/cruise the ICW on the boat. We had a blast skinny dipping, fishing and listening to tall tales from the locals at marinas.

Then she wanted a baby! WTF?? With me?? no way. I soon noticed she was spending time online talking to guys so finally I said, “if you want to move on I will buy you a bus ticket”. A week later she had found some guy who wanted her so off she went. That lasted about 60 days with him locking her in the house while he was at work :-0 She moved on and on again.

She has stayed in touch for the last 10 years, has moved from guy to guy, Texas to Pennsylvania, Ohio to Kansas, Florida and back to Michigan. She has stopped by twice. She has had two children by unknown men, both taken away from her for neglect.

Here us a picture of the boat we converted and lived on, an old 26 footer we chopped the delaminated top off and built something I could stand up in. It was great for cruising (8hp motor).

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